CCNP Lab 01: Inter-VLAN Routing | Router on a Stick

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In this activity, you will demonstrate and reinforce your ability to implement inter-VLAN routing, including configuring IP addresses, VLANs, trunking, and subinterfaces.

Configure the devices to meet the following requirements.

· Assign IP addressing to R1 and S1 based on the Addressing Table.

· Configure the default gateway on S1.

· Create, name, and assign VLANs on S1 based on the VLAN and Port Assignments Table. Ports should be in access mode. Your VLAN names should match the names in the table exactly.

· Configure G0/1 of S1 as a static trunk and assign the native VLAN.

· All ports that are not assigned to a VLAN should be disabled.

· Configure inter-VLAN routing on R1 based on the Addressing Table.

· Verify connectivity. R1, S1, and all PCs should be able to ping each other and the server.

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