How To add Fortinet Firewall Image to Eve-ng

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How To add Fortinet Firewall Image to Eve-ng

On this lesson we will be taught so as to add Fortinet Firewall Picture to Eve-ng emulator. Fortinet is broadly used firewall in medium and enormous Enterprise and Eve-ng has prolong their restrict to simulate virtually each firewall. Eve-ng is without doubt one of the greatest simulator which is accessible freed from value. Earlier than including Fortinet firewall verify What’s Eve-ng and energy of Eve-ng?

Fortinet firewall is without doubt one of the Subsequent-Technology firewalls as a consequence of its wealthy options, In Eve-ng you may create lab and observe and check virtually each characteristic of fortinet firewall.

We’ll clarify you step-by-step Process of including Fortinet photos to Eve-ng.
So as to add Fortinet Supervisor in Eve-ng Verify beneath publish.
Find out how to add Fortinet Supervisor in Eve-ng

Step by Step Course of
1. You’ll be able to verify set up Eve-ng in home windows
2. Obtain Fortinet firewall Photos.
3. Creating folder in Eve-ng 
4. Importing Cisco Fortinet firewall photos to Eve-ng.
5. Unzip Fortinet Picture
6. Rename Fortinate picture and eradicating previous picture
7. Testing Fortinet firewall Photos.
8. Find out how to add Fortinet Supervisor in Eve-ng.

1. Under Fortinet IMAGES used to elucidate.

EVE Picture Identify Downloaded Unique Filename Model vCPUs vRAM Console
1. fortinet-FGT-v5-build1449 FGT_VM64_KVM-v5-build1484-FORTINET.out.kvm.zip 5.6 1 1024 telnet
2. fortinet-FMG-v5.4-build1151 FMG_VM64-v5-build1151-FORTINET.out.ovf.zip 5.4 1 2048 vnc

Different variations also needs to be supported following bellow’s process.

2. Obtain Fortinet Photos for EVE-NG

Photos supplied beneath are strictly for training function and will not be hosted on networkhunt.com server. We’re simply indexing the hyperlinks fond on web for training function solely.

when you’ve got the privileges, You’ll be able to obtain the photographs instantly from the fortinet web site.
Download Fortinet Images from Fotinet Website

3. Creating Fortinet Folder to add Fortinet picture to EVE-NG

As Per picture naming desk we now have to create picture folder beginning with fortinet-, as soon as created we’ll add the picture to that folder.

mkdir /decide/unetlab/addons/qemu/fortinet-FGT-v5/

4. Add the downloaded Fortinet picture to the EVE-ng.

Add the picture to folder Fortinet which we created in earlier step. You need to use  FileZilla or WinSCP to add the picture.

File Path-

5. From the EVE cli, go to newly created picture folder.
cd /decide/unetlab/addons/qemu/fortinet-FGT-v5/

6. Unzip unique filename
unzip FGT_VM64_KVM-v5-build1484-FORTINET.out.kvm.zip

7. Rename Unique File

We have to Rename unique filename to virtioa.qcow2 and take away unique zip file.
mv fortios.qcow2 virtioa.qcow2
rm FGT_VM64_KVM-v5-build1449-FORTINET.out.kvm.zip

8. In Final Repair the permissions:
/decide/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

Now Go to Eve-ng GUI add node and check the fortinet

default username/password for fortigate firewall-

password – No password simply press enter

That is the way you add Fortinet Firewall picture to EVE-NG emulator.


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