How to set up an A (address) record for my domain?

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In this post i shall demonstrate how to setup an A record for my domain, so lets get started.

1. Login Namecheap with your User ID and navigate to Domains List on left side of dashboard.

2. Then click on ‘Manage’ to goto domain management.

add an A record to your domain on namecheap

3. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab at the top of the page:

4. Find the Host records section and click on the Add New Record button 

add domain name in namecheap

5. Select A Record for Type and enter the Host you would like to point to an IP address:

@ – used to point a root domain (yourdomain.tld) to the IP address:
A Record | @ |

 – is selected when it is needed to point www.yourdomain.tld to the IP address:
A Record | www |

[any host] – you can insert any name of a subdomain that should be pointed to the IP address:
A Record | blog |

* –  a wildcard record that matches requests for non-existent subdomains:
A Record | * |

6. Once all details are inserted, save them using the Save changes green icon.

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When you purchase domain there might be pre added records, which you must delete in order to avoid duplicate entries for same host. In this way, you can add DNS A Records for your domain. I hope this has been informative for you.

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