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What is SASE? A cloud service that marries SD-WAN with security

Safe entry service edge (SASE) is a community structure that rolls software-defined huge space networking (SD-WAN) and safety right...

Sep 28 · >

Cisco extends Meraki SD-WAN to Microsoft Azure

Cisco Meraki added to its SD-WAN portfolio with assist for workloads operating in Microsoft Azure cloud environments. Particularly, Cisco...

Sep 28 · >

Palo Alto beefs-up its SD-WAN menu with machine learning analytics

With a watch towards including intelligence and rising deployment choices, Palo Alto Networks has rolled out analytics, machine studying,...

Sep 28 · >

How to Configure Chassis Cluster in Juniper SRX

In this post we are going to learn how to configure chassis cluster in Juniper SRX series devices. SRX...

Sep 21 · >

Learn to Configure Interfaces in Cisco, Juniper & Fortinet CLI

Hi there and welcome to our another blog post, this post shall be different from the rest in the...

Sep 17 · >

How to Install kali Linux on Windows 10 Using WSL

In this post, we will learn how to install Kali Linux on Windows 10 by installing WSL Short for...

Sep 13 · >

How to Install LAMP Stack on CentOS 7

In this post we are going to learn how to install LAMP stack on CentOS 7. LAMP stands for (Linux,...

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Sep 10 · >

How to Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

In this post we are going to learn how to install LAMP stack on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. LAMP stands for...

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Sep 9 · >

Learn to Install Nagios Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 18.04

In this tutorial, we will learn to install Nagios on Ubuntu machine. For those who don’t know what is...

in Linux
Sep 7 · >

How to Install & Configure UFW Firewall to Secure Web Server

UFW is uncomplicated firewall & is frontend of more complex iptables. Using UFW you can simply write up rules...

in Linux
Sep 6 · >
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