UBL Pay Now Provide Secure & Contactless Payments Across Pakistan

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How to use UBL Pay

Pakistan’s fastest growing digital bank UBL has once again came up with latest state of the art innovative payment options on your fingertips.

It is worth noting that UBL has won this award for second time, when the bank was declared the best digital bank of Pakistan in last year by Asiamoney which is leading global publication.

UBL is now offering UBL Pay which turns you android smartphone with NFC capability into debit card!!

Here is step by step process to activate this feature on your android smart phone.

  • Open UBL Digital App, wait for popup to appear, then click on “lets get started”
  • Enable all requirements for the setup and click on continue.
  • Login to UBL Digital App
  • Select your preferred card and click “Enable UBL Pay”
  • Accept “terms & conditions”
how to enable ubl pay on your mobile

That’s it, you have just setup your android smart phone for UBL Pay Feature.

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Here is how to use it.

  • Login UBL Digital App
  • Place your NFC enabled mobile phone near NFC enabled POS machine

and there you go it will automatically deduct payment from your UBL Account.

UBL proudly claims that UBL is first to offer mobile contactless payments simultaneously on Union Pay Cards, Master Card & Visa Card.

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