What is the difference between HLD & LLD Network Design?

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In this article we shall discuss the difference between HLD and LLD? HLD and LLD are terms which are used extensively in network design and networking world.

High Level Design

HLD stands for High Level Design and is designed at the beginning of network project. It provides a high-level view of overall system setup describing the relationship of various systems and functions which combine to provide the expected solution meeting the business needs. The purpose of this document is to provide required details to understand traffic flow across the network. It is also referred to as macro level design. It is created by solution architects and used by management and solutions team.

HLD refers to the abstract representation of a network’s architecture, which provides a high-level view of how the different components of a network will interact with each other. This level of design usually focuses on the overall architecture of the network, including the types of devices that will be used, their configuration and the interconnections between them. The HLD helps to identify any potential performance or scalability issues, as well as providing a roadmap for the actual implementation of the network.


Low Level Design

It stands for Low Level Design, LLD is designed to elaborate and provide in depth knowledge about High Level Diagram. LLD converts High Level Design into a detailed solution. It describes details about every component of the system. It is also referred to as micro level design. It is created by designers and used by network operations team and implementers.

LLD, on the other hand, is a more detailed design that provides specific information on the configuration of each network component. It includes the specific settings, such as IP addresses, routing tables, access control lists (ACLs), and other technical details. The LLD is the actual blueprint for the implementation of the network, and it provides the information needed to build and configure each device.

Difference between HLD and LLD

1HLD Short for High Level DesignLLD Short for Low Level Design
2Converts business requirements into high level solutionConverts high level solution to detailed solution
3Overall network design detailing relationship between various system modulesDesign depicting in depth information of HLD
4Contains information about Security zones, traffic flows, high level overview about various devicesContains details of IP addressing, Ports, VLANs, configurations etc
5also referred as macro level designalso referred as micro level design
6created by solutions architect and used by management / solutions teamcreated by designers and used by network operations team / implementors

In summary, HLD is the high-level view of a network’s architecture, while LLD provides the specific details needed to build and configure the network. A well-designed network will have both a comprehensive HLD and a thorough LLD to ensure the network is both scalable and efficient.

In conclusion, HLD and LLD are both important for the design and implementation of a network infrastructure. Understanding the difference between the two and utilizing both in the design process will help to ensure that a network is robust, scalable, and efficient.

In this article we have discussed the difference between HLD and LLD, I hope this has been informative for your and would like to thank you for viewing.

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