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Welcome to your CCNP ENCOR 350-401 CHAPTER 6 - 7

1. Which type of routing protocol uses LSAs and TLVs to support extended features?Deselect Answer
2. What are two characteristics of link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.)
3. What data is used by OSPF and ISIS for loop prevention?Deselect Answer
4. Which routing protocol incorporates characteristics of both distance vector and link-state protocols?Deselect Answer
5. How do EIGRP routers establish and maintain neighbor relationships?Deselect Answer
6. A router has installed several routes into the routing table. How will the router determine which route to use to forward packets?Deselect Answer
7. What is the effect of configuring the ipv6 unicast-routing command on a router?Deselect Answer
8. Why would a floating static route be configured with an administrative distance that is higher than the administrative distance of a dynamic routing protocol that is running on the same router?Deselect Answer
9. Which static route statement shows a recursive IPv6 static route?Deselect Answer
10. Refer to the exhibit. Which command will properly configure an IPv6 static route on R2 that will allow traffic from PC2 to reach PC1 without any recursive lookups by router R2?routing-essentialsDeselect Answer
11. Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 has an OSPF neighbor relationship with the ISP router over the network. The network link should serve as a backup when the OSPF link goes down. The floating static route command ip route S0/0/1 100 was issued on R1 and now traffic is using the backup link even when the OSPF link is up and functioning. Which change should be made to the static route command so that traffic will only use the OSPF link when it is up?​Deselect Answer
12. What is used by BGP to guarantee a loop free path to reach a destination?Deselect Answer
13. What is the purpose for creating VRFs on a router?Deselect Answer
14. Which technology creates segmentation between network interfaces, IP addresses, and routing tables?Deselect Answer
15. Refer to a portion of an EIGRP topology table, What is the reported distance of the successor route for Answer
16. What is the administrative distance of a directly connected interface?Deselect Answer
17. Refer to the exhibit. R2 has two possible paths to the network. What would make the alternate route meet the feasibility condition?Deselect Answer
18. Which protocol number is used to indicate that an EIGRP packet is encapsulated in an IP packet?Deselect Answer
19. Which statement describes the autonomous system number used in EIGRP configuration on a Cisco router?Deselect Answer
20. Which bandwidth value is used when calculating the EIGRP metric of a route?Deselect Answer
21. Refer to the exhibit. All the routers that are displayed are part of the EIGRP domain. Assuming EIGRP metric weights are not altered in the configurations, which path will a packet take that originates from a host on the network and is going to a host on the network?routing-essentialsDeselect Answer
22. Which two metric weights are set to one by default when costs in EIGRP are being calculated? (Choose two.)
23. How has the EIGRP routing protocol improved by having interface delay measured in picoseconds instead of microseconds?Deselect Answer
24. If all router Ethernet interfaces in an EIGRP network are configured with the default EIGRP timers, how long will a router wait by default to receive an EIGRP packet from its neighbor before declaring the neighbor unreachable?Deselect Answer
25. What two conditions will result in an EIGRP route going into the active state? (Choose two.)
26. An EIGRP router loses the route to a network. Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. What action will the router take?Deselect Answer
27. Which feature of the EIGRP routing protocol can provide fast re-convergence without DUAL recomputation in the event of a route failure?Deselect Answer
28. What are two benefits of applying summarization to networks within a company that uses the EIGRP routing protocol? (Choose two.)
29. Refer to a portion of an EIGRP topology table, What is the metric for the successor route for Answer
30. What is the administrative distance of a static route?Deselect Answer
31. Refer to a portion of an EIGRP topology table, What is the metric for the feasible successor route for Answer
32. What is the administrative distance of an EIGRP summary route?Deselect Answer

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