How to Install and Upgrade OpenSSH server on FreeBSD

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How to Install and Upgrade OpenSSH Server on FreeBSD

OpenSSH is an open source implementation of the Secure Shell (SSH) communication protocol for secure communication over computer networks. It is available for installation on multiple platforms and is highly secure with minimal configuration. This guide will provide the steps to install and upgrade OpenSSH server on FreeBSD.

Installing OpenSSH

When installing OpenSSH on FreeBSD, you must use the number rather than the name of the package to ensure the most up-to-date version is installed:

  • Update the ports tree: portsnap fetch update
  • Change your directory to the port you want. In this case, ssh: cd /usr/ports/security/openssh-portable
  • Type make install to install


The default settings of OpenSSH should be good for most purposes. It is necessary to change the settings if more secure settings are desired. The configuration files are located in /usr/local/etc/ssh. It includes both sshd_config and ssh_config.


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Testing Connectivity

When the configuration is done as desired, you can test the connectivity by first verifying the status of the SSH daemon. To do this, run sockstat -4 -l | grep sshd. This will show the status and ports. You can then connect from another computer using the ssh command. It will look something like this: ssh user@hostname -p portnumber.

Upgrading OpenSSH

To upgrade OpenSSH, it is necessary to download the newest version of OpenSSH and install it on the system.

  • Download the latest version of OpenSSH: cd /usr/ports/security/openssh-portable && make fetch
  • Extract the package: tar -xvf openssh-portable-XXX.tgz
  • make install clean to install the new version

Finally, verify that the upgrade was successful by running ssh -V and this should show the version of OpenSSH that has been upgraded to.

OpenSSH is an essential tool for secure communication over computer networks and also provides secure authentication functionality for users. Installing and upgrading OpenSSH on FreeBSD is simple and straight forward. With the steps provided here, anyone should be able to easily install and upgrade their OpenSSH server on FreeBSD.

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